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This backpack is suitable for all range of students or even a mountain hiker. Light and Convenience.

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14 reviews for BACKPACK

  1. avt

    Sehari dah sampai! Jnt pun laju.

  2. mohamadnajib

    Kualiti sngat bagos ..terbaik.

  3. rizal

    Mmg terbaikk👍👍

  4. ariff

    Everything is good.

  5. nurafiq

    barangggggg sampaiiiiii dengannnnnnn cepattttttttttttt

  6. nza

    Bag ok & kualiti pon ok,barang sampai pun cepat.

  7. muhdnurazrizal

    Bag ok & kualiti pon ok,barang sampai pon cepat.

  8. msw

    Fast Delivery, quality is nice , zip pon ok.

  9. atikah05

    Smaller than what I expected but the quality is good and the color is nice!! Probably going to repeat it again in the future.!💯💯💯🤍

  10. syrfh

    Good backpack

  11. hamyu

    design normal but good quality

  12. james

    Size bagpack ni kecik ,tapi quality ok

  13. sueshine00

    Very good..quality also good..sangat agak kecil sikit

  14. shea

    fast delivery ! quality nice , zip pun ok!

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