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Multicultural Countries in The World

Multicultural Countries in The World Ethnicity, like race, is a social construct, but it’s still a construct with significant implications for the world. How people perceive …


Hacks for Studying New Subjects

School is back in session and they’re already cranking up the heat. So we rounded up 10 study tips from 1000LifeHacks that might just revolutionize the way …


Brand-new School Uniform Store is a brand-new online store developed by Thomtex Company to promote and offer their Wrinkle-Free school uniforms. With their multiple years of experiences and …

5G Commerce

5G & eCommerce: What to Expect in 2020

The World Economic Forum has stated that we are on “the brink” of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. This transformation will be unlike anything that we’ve experienced. There …

Caring Parent

24-Hours Parents

Mom, no need to iron uniform anymore. I believe every mother have to do household jobs, arrange every meals, play with your children as well …