24-Hours Parents

Caring Parent

Mom, no need to iron uniform anymore.

I believe every mother have to do household jobs, arrange every meals, play with your children as well as prepare school uniform and bag before the night. After everything done, you just own a little time for yourself, right?

I understand that every mother is willing to sacrifice energy and time no matter how busy or tired you are. From the first day you give birth to a child, it means there is no retreating choice. Therefore, we are sure that the most busy but enjoyable 24-hours job belongs to every mom.

Here is a great news are for you. We appreciate and respected every mom by introducing our Wrinkle-Free Uniform. Through our 10-years marketing experiences, we want to promote our uniform as it does lighten our previous one-thousand mothers’ burden. To create the most comfortable uniform, we have visited some countries and join some foreign manufacturers to innovate the textiles. It not only does free of wrinkles, but also provide your children a cool feeling even under the hot weather. Most importantly, our uniform is durable and still white as new cloth even after one year. This must be a good safe-money way.¬†With support of investor, we are able to offer these product at a lowered price.

For the upcoming years, we wish we would offer more than one million family can have our ThomX products. This will define our entrepreneurship.

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