Enhance the Equality of Society through Uniforms

School uniforms promote learning. Our program is rigorous and requires full attention to be successful. We believe our students’ focus should be on what they are learning and not on what they are wearing.

School uniforms nourish a sense of equality. When students have similar expectations for dress, unhealthy competitive feelings about looks are reduced. Students can stand out because of their character and not their clothes.

School uniforms promote a feeling of community. At APA, we believe our school dress should complement our learning culture. We are preparing our students for success in college and beyond. We want our students to have a proper expectation of professionalism. When our students wear uniforms, they feel included. They are part of a team working toward success in the classroom and life.

School uniforms make it easier to get ready for school. One of the best reasons for school uniforms? No more indecision about what to wear in the morning!

Uniforms help prevent embarrassing problems while promoting self-discipline. We have developed a standard of dress that is reliable for everyone. We want to help our kids avoid issues related to modesty and cleanliness. Dirty and unkept outfits quickly become a non-issue when there is a standard.

School uniforms improve safety. Keeping track of students and what they carry into our schools is made easier for staff and other students. Intruders can be identified right away by our school community because they stand out.

School uniforms do not eliminate individuality. Our students have fun participating in the occasional spirit wear or free dress day; however, these days are not the focus for our kids. The character of the individual student is our focus. Our kids shine because of who they are, not how they look.

School uniforms are more affordable. At the beginning of the school year, our families typically purchase two sets of uniforms for each of their students. Many of our uniform vendors provide durable options that stand up to repeated washing and wear. Parents may need to replace an item or two throughout the year; however, this is often due to children growing up so fast. Overall, our families save money with uniforms by not having to keep up with the latest fashion trends.

Parents and teachers support school uniforms. Administrators and teachers are highly in favor of school uniforms at American Preparatory Academy. Our staff manual states that our, “staff must match the level of formality of our students.” Most parents say that they love the convenience of school uniforms, and they can tell that students have more confidence when they wear them.

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