Brand-new School Uniform Store

Sthena Online Network is a brand-new online store developed by Thomtex Company to promote and offer their Wrinkle-Free school uniforms. With their multiple years of experiences and strong back-end departments, they have entered online market confidently to attract more customers instead of depending on physical stores.

Secondary Students Primary Student

Wrinkle-Free school uniforms are their most recommended shirts for students as this provides comfortable experiences throughout the school days. It is available at all range of school levels, from UPSR to STPM. This kind of shirts resist wrinkles and does not need to be ironed specifically. What a great news for parents who are going to iron uniform everyday after washing!

Moreover, this kind of fabric are easily clean and durable to be worn throughout the whole years. You have no worry that it will be yellowish after some time. Also, you may find it cold and comfortable even under the hot weather.

Primary co-curricular uniform Secondary co-curricular uniform

Not only their school uniforms, Thomtex also introduced their stores with diversified co-curricular outfits and accessory. From Boy Scout to Red Crescent Society, you now find all the equipment under same stores with moderate prices.

Affiliate with ThomX School

Most importantly, if you are blogger or social influencer, will now pay you commission through their attached Affiliate Program. Just register and include the generated link on every related blog you write. It will generate income every time people buy uniforms or accessory through the links.

With all these excited services and benefits, we have no reason not to invite you on their official website.


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