Hacks for Studying New Subjects

School is back in session and they’re already cranking up the heat. So we rounded up 10 study tips from 1000LifeHacks that might just revolutionize the way you retain information from this day forward.

When studying a certain subject, pretend that you'll have to teach the material, this will help you pay more attention.     When studying something new, teach a friend about it. Let them ask questions. If you can teach something well, the you understand it well.

Studying for 30-50 minutes at a time (with 10 minute breaks in between) is the most effective way to retain information.     Have a paper due? Need to not get distracted by the internet? KeepMeOut.com lets you block sites for certain periods of time, so you'll stay focused on the task at hand.

Writing down your worries before taking an exam has been proven to actually boost your test scores!     If you're up late doing homework, listen to Hans Zimmer Pandora. Music has no distracting lyrics, and the scores are intended to motivate.

You're 50% more likely to remember something if you speak it out loud instead of simply reading it over and over.     Writing something out is the memory equivalent of reading it seven times. A good tip to know when studying.

Study your notes within one day of taking them. Retention rates are 60% higher then!     The best time to study: 4am - 6 am Brain Fuction: 100%

By Brittney Moses.


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